From the technology at our fingertips to the scenery outside our window, design is all around us. In any type of design, the goal is to evolve in a direction that fosters greater efficiency and great beauty at the same time.

In the midst of this technological revolution that has significant and far-reaching effects on architectural, product and human design. the advancement of modern computing and aided design, has affected the physical limits of structure and space that are being pushed further by the minute.

From 3D printing transforming the way artists make art, the top museums in the world allowing virtual visits and a different way of experiencing art, all through on-line galleries providing a new channel for marketing and sales.
Our graphics have higher quality, more colors, higher resolutions, and more detailed designs.
New technology has profoundly affected furniture design through innovative materials and processes of forms previously impossible to draw.
In the industrial world, we see how technology affect aircraft designs have grown in size over time. As these designs have grown larger, they have come to offer greater efficiency in transporting goods and people over distances while also extending their lifespan. the same can be said for other forms of transportation, such as automobiles and ships.
Just like humans, these machines are expanding in a direction that facilitates a better design — one that is more powerful and efficient.

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December 13, 2016 - December 13, 2016

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11:00 - 02:00

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Sha'ul HaMelech Blvd 27, Tel Aviv, Israel