So many of the best minds I have met in computing have a love for music.

Is it something to do with being able to see beauty in complex numerical systems?Instrumentalists in particular (guitar players for example) make great programmers. It’s not just about math and music being similar, or the fundamentals vs the art. Instrumentalists have to zoom in to work with very repetitive technical details, and so become very focused – like a guitar player practicing a piece of music at a slow speed.

But, the best programmers are able to then zoom out and see the big picture, and where their coding fits into the whole project, much like an artist has to step back from a painting and see the whole of it, or an instrumentalists has to produce something that communicates a complete work, not just the scales and technical aspects of it.

This great workshop will show the different skills developed during the music production process that when applied to the software development life cycle can help the team think in a more creative way, leveraging their artistic skills to better express their talent through product development.

Event Date

December 13, 2016

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27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd, Tel Aviv Israel ZIP Code 61332012