Virtual reality isn’t just for gaming – it’s a technology that can make a real difference to our collective futures. 

MR is not just hype. It has been proving its mettle by extracting the best of both virtual giants — Virtual reality and Augmented reality. The varied kinds of applications that are working around MR are simply amazing and offer us an exceptional experience. Imagination and invention know no boundaries and that is what Mixed Reality technology has proven. This is a beginning to a technologically dominated future. 

From Holographic projections and an interactive virtual display will garner increased focus, MR (Mixed Reality) offers cost-effective processing power facilities and vision/image recognition competencies.  

Big data and cloud computing play a significant role in advanced MR technologies as Mixed Reality changes the communication between human and computer and take it to a new level altogether. VR/AR and MR (Mixed Reality) is expected to become one of the sought-after global industry in the coming 5–7 years, dominating almost all industry domains apart from gaming
Camera-based smartphones, mobile devices, and smart eyeglasses will substitute headsets.

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September 30, 2023

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Dhaka, Bangladesh