Schedule 2

9 AM – Registration

9:30 AM – Opening Statements

10 AM – ‘Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming’ David Bowie

A panel discussion about the new labels, whats happening in the world of music and how it’s affecting the artist community and industry as a whole.

Viacom and MTV, Steve Greenberg, Ronnie Braun, Tamir Muskat and more

11 AM –Interactive content

The most advanced interactive content companies such as ShowBox, Playbuzz, Getty Images, Magisto and Viacom discuss how to get your audience attention in world of dynamic content – How do we stand out?

12 PM – Wearable technology

A panel discussion about the most interesting technological concepts coming in from Artists and entrepreneurs who are looking to enrich our experience, using technological advancements.
Join CEO of I AM +, by Will I AM , Viktoria Modesta and more talk about whats coming next

1 PM – Gaming and VR

A panel discussion about the future gaming in a Virtual world, how IOT is affecting the way we interact with content. we’ll be discussing the opportunities available in a 44 Billion dollar industry where the mobile device is controlling our paths.  participants include Samsung, Iron Source, Inception and more.

2 PM – Princess Shaw, the movie

A Screening and QA with Kutiman, Princess Shaw and the director Ido Saar

2-7 PM – S//Peak

Tamir Muskat, Ronnie Braun, Yossi Sassi and more talk about their story on their way to the Peak of creation

4 PM – KPMG Investor Panel

From Seed to Speed

A panel of investors and VCs discussing the Media world, from the IRR in recent investments to the new opportunities arising. Where are we headed?

7-9 PM – TechnoArt Demo day event

Come see the top applications and platforms developed at the TechnoArt HUB.

9 PM – MTV Awards Ceremony

MTV will present the MUSIC Awards at the last evening of the TechnoArt Conference. Contestants include: Natan Goshen, Lola Marsh, Garden City Movement, Red Axes and A-WA. the winning artist will perform at the event.


Join us for an extraordinary night as we soar through the world of Arts and technology with hands-on real performances combining both worlds.
Exhibition and performances include Viktoria Modesta, IAMEVE,  Andalusian orchestra in a unique performance with selected DJs and the Yossi Sassi band, Music gallery by Ape Records, Samsung, the Dead Cowboys and more.

Night at the Museum is a truly unique experience.