TechnoArt 2020 Agenda

9 AM – TechnoArt Introduction

9:30 AM – Opening remarks from Israel Chief Scientist and Mayor of Tel Aviv

10 AM – Morning session keynote  – Head of Apple music

10:45 AM – MORNING PANEL 1: The Streaming Tidal Change Effect 

Demand for all forms of media — TV programs (broadcast and on-demand), short-form video, music streaming and online gaming — has surged. Bandwidth and infrastructure have become major concerns for networks which in some cases reduced video quality to ensure customer access. This carries its own risks. 

In this panel, we’ll discuss the increased usage of streaming services as  OTT  becomes the main medium for content delivery. We’ll focus on the importance of original content  and how new content formats, from podcasts to short videos, are changing market dynamics as audiences seek new M&E experiences through 5G.

11:30 AM – MORNING PANEL 2: The LIVE Experience amid COVID-19

The closing of theme parks, concert venues, movie theaters, museums and live sporting events led to loss of revenue across the board.  All players  seek new ways to reach their customers digitally. In sports, many are looking to eSports or online simulated events to provide content to fans, while musicians are going online and relying on streaming platforms to replace live shows which are on hold. Some of that shift may be long-lasting. 

In this panel we’ll explore innovative ways the industry has coped, from virtual reality and gaming to online concerts. We’ll discuss how the creative minds of the M&E industry kept the show going and what trends developed. The big question: Which changes are here to stay?

12:15 PM Startup competition PART I

Meet the most exciting technologies being developed for the M&E industry, f. From 5G -powered applications to content production, distribution and monetization tools. Experience the power of facial and voice recognition, and explore the new horizons for roam of virtual reality.

1 PM Lunch

2 PM : AFTERNOON PANEL 1: The New Power Brokers of the Industry

The new reality has shifted momentum in the M&A sphere toward those with liquidity. As in the case of the Invidia-Mellanox deal (driven by expected demand growth for cloud computing and AI) and with  Spotify’s expansion into the podcast space, industry giants are making strategic moves that improve their position and also help it withstand turbulence caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the other side, in this fiercely competitive market, start-ups face a cash crunch, potential dips in valuations, and decreased access to funds (both VC and public), yielding hiring freezes and layoffs. For the investor, this is a rich landscape of opportunity.  

In this panel, we’ll hear from startups that managed to secure funding during the crises, discuss management of human resources and talent acquisition amid uncertainty, and hear from top experts on investments and M&A transactions. We’ll explore new market needs and what VCs and investors are looking for.

3 PM – AFTERNOON PANEL 2: An ecosystem essentials – When Values and Valuation Converge

The evolution of tech platforms, in search and social media and other areas, has created one of the most positive disruptive forces in human history. Consumers have greater access to content and knowledge, while creators and advertisers have a wider spectrum of marketing and monetization tools. In theory everybody wins.  But at the same time, President Trump’s executive order targeting social media companies in May 2020 underscored a growing conflict between      tech and government stemming from concerns for society: Are social platforms publishers that should be responsible for policing content, lest society be harmed? Have tech platforms become so dominant as to constitute a public good that should be allowed to operate by the profit motive only? 

In this panel well, discuss the values representing these giant ecosystems that have gained control of our lives. What are the risks and rewards, how real is the need for regulation and who should set the moral and ethical guidelines for the new generation.

3:45 Coffee break

4 PM  – Afternoon session keynote – Yandex CEO

4:45 – Startup competition CONCLUSION

Musical performance