TechnoArt Contest

The next cycle of  TechnoArt Accelerator® is starting!

TechnoArt is allowing selected startups that are presenting at the event to participate in the TechnoArt competition to be accepted to the next cycle of TechnoArt accelerator®

TechnpArt Accelerator® competition will feature 50 Interactive technology companies from 5 different categories.

The pitching companies will have 15 min to present to a live audience  their company pitch and manage a Q&A session with TechnoArt panel of judges.

The pitch will include a product demonstrations, the teams will present their vision for the industry and the creative new way in which their product will work to improve or change it.

The SHOW will feature 25 companies on Wednesday, November 2nd and 25 companies on Thursday, November 3rd 12. On Friday, November 4th at 12pm we will host the TechnoArt Accelerator® Award Ceremony and announce a winner from each category.

These 50 companies are selected by the TechnoArt Screening Committee from the hundreds of startups from across the country and around the world who apply for TechnoArt Accelerator® before the Thursday, September  15, 2016 deadline.

The Judges Panel