TechnoArt LIVE 2020

Endurance Through Adversity


The Media and Entertainment industry has been hard hit this year, but it will find new ways to thrive.

After all, it is no stranger to disruption.

Apple disrupted the music industry by changing the way we consume music. Netflix disrupted the film and TV industries in similar fashion.

Companies must adopt a disruptive approach to the post-COVID-19 world, developing, adapting, and expanding their capabilities.

On the face of it, the M&E industry has been forced into a debilitating “pause” in business because of the pandemic.

Theme parks, movie theaters and other venues are closed. Broadway went dark.  Events have been cancelled or postponed and the content production industry, except for news, went into hiatus.  

But look at the situation another way and a different picture emerges.

In-home entertainment was becoming more important even before the crisis, and its potential is now fully clear.  Nielsen found that staying put in our homes led to almost a 60% increase in the amount of content we watch. Disney’s streaming service, Disney Plus, reached 50 million subscribers in only five months. We have also seen the rise of innovative virtual apps as a way to gain access to venues and experiences that were not available before.  So the foundation for progress has been laid.

What is the path forward? Join us at TechnoArt LIVE 2020 as we explore.

Learn how the music, TV and  film industries have been disrupted by new technologies such as AI-powered streaming platforms, and how they are adapting to the new world with innovations from virtual reality application to smart devices enabled through 5G. Hear from leading M&E companies about the increasing value of Podcasts and on-demand content. And discuss new investment opportunities in the space.