What’s The Biggest Opportunity For Brands?

The pace of change increases in digital audience sizes and engagement levels continues to create opportunities for both industry incumbents and digital players. Advertising dollars remain underpenetrated in select digital channels, such as mobile. Capturing a greater share of this spending growth could be accretive–by leveraging premium content assets that M&E companies have developed successfully and targeting audiences more intelligently.

“Self-disrupting” opportunities that challenge current audience experiences, business models, and advertising buy/sell practices– while catalyzing growth through greater audience engagement across a broader set of platforms, geographies, and monetization models–are the future.  

This panel will discuss the digital opportunities that lie right in front of most companies; The risks around digital growth opportunities that could compete with and potentially cannibalize their legacy businesses and the lack of proactivity which forces companies to follow in disruptors’ footsteps where they could have potentially led the marketplace.