About us

TechnoArt is a media and entertainment focused technology HUB, developing a new generation of innovative solutions of the world of content. We focus on TV and broadcasting, music and streaming, distribution, AI and BI, AR/VR and Mixed Reality technology where the product vision offers technological Innovation (IP).

Founded in 2015, in partnership with Deloitte and PayPal, TechnoArt was established by entrepreneur Shani Peled and mentored by the leading experts in the industry including Tristan Jehan (The Echo Next & Spotify), Lior Hemi (APAX Partners), Dave Meister (Deloitte & Capital Dynamics) and Martin Rogard (Daily Motion)  to provide entrepreneurs with the tools to develop solutions that would be most effective to challenges in the areas of high social importance- including arts, culture, media, journalism and more.

Positioned at the intersection of technology, industry and finance, TechnoArt has developed an ecosystem that provides access to hundreds of companies in the space through its network and activities.

Our activities include:

TechnoArt HUB – Located in the center of Tel Aviv, hosting selected startup and service companies in the field.

TechnoArt HUB NYC to be launched in Winter 2019. www.TechnoArt.life

TechnoArt Acceleration Program, in partnership with the Tel Aviv Museum of Art – Designed to provide educational and practical tools for entrepreneur to develop technological solutions for the industry. 

TechnoArt Micro Fund – Investing up to 250K in startup companies that provide solutions for the industry.www.TechnoArt.org 

Meeting over 500 early stage startups a per cycle, we look to identify a vision that will disrupt the industry and create value at scale. 

TechnoArt LIVE – The international conference for Technology, Media and Entertainment. Held November 10, 2019  at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

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