Night at the Museum

Join us on December 15th for an extraordinary night as we soar through the world of Arts and technology with hands-on real performances combining both worlds.

Discover how technology has influenced the media world, explore the future of music, dance, theater  and witness artistic interpretations of elevation that will have you looking high and low, all night long.

Exhibition and performances include Viktoria Modesta, IAMEVE,  Andalusian orchestra in a unique performance with selected DJs and the Yossi Sassi band, Music gallery by Ape Records, Samsung, the Dead Cowboys and more.

Night at the Museum is a truly unique experience.


 The APE Production DJ Set with Tamir Muskat


Andalusit, Yossi Sassi and BPM Collage

Screening and QA of Princess Shaw with Kutiamn, Princess Shaw and Director Ido Saar

Who's going to be there?