Startup Registration

50 companies from 10 different categories will be selected as finalists and invited to present at TechnoArt Conference 2018 as we highlight the Entertainment, Art and Culture technology market’s most impressive, new innovations.

To take your startup company to the next level and apply for TechnoArt Startup Competition!

The final deadline period is October 31st at 11:59pm PT.

Before your enter your application, read the TechnoArt Startup competition criteria to see if your company is eligible to apply. The evaluation of each application is based on many factors, but the five following criteria are the most important:

  • Creativity – Originality of idea
  • Goodness – How does the product/service impact or improve the Art world?
  • Potential – Longevity, actualization, and profitability
  • Functionality – Usability of interface
  • Team – Who is your team and how will they make your company a success?