“Technoart” Incubator To Be Launched In Tel Aviv: A Space For Technological Startups To Revolutionize The Art Business Models


The digital media ways of distribution have brought on many opportunities for independent artists, but also left them with minimal tools to generate revenue from their art. The main challenge of the art community today is dealing with the need to develop a new business model that will be relevant and help artists in theContinue Reading

חממה חדשה תתמוך בסטארט-אפים בעיקר בתחום המוזיקה


TechnoArt Israeli Accelerator TechnoArt is an innovative, art-related technology hub. Its program is designed to develop and apply cutting-edge technological solutions for the art world while creating a stable business model for each product. TechnoArt was established to connect the art and technology industries. Its primary goal is to leverage the unique capabilities of art andContinue Reading