8:30 – 9:30 AM –  Morning Coffee & Early Birds’ Networking

9:30 – 10:00 AM – Conference Kick-Off by our Honored Guests

Mr. Eli Cohen– Minister of Economy

Mr. Ron Huldai – Mayor of Tel Aviv

10:30 AM // Opening Panel: How Much Streaming Can We Take? New Data Sheds Light On The OTT 

As the Global E&M Outlook highlights, the biggest technology and telecommunications firms are now acquiring and integrating E&M assets at a faster pace and a larger scale than ever before. According to PwC’s TMT Deals Insights, the number of media and telecom deals rose 29% in 2017, to 876. But we are seeing participants of all sizes, and in all geographies,engage in strategic efforts that in prior eras would have been classified as vertical integration, horizontal integration or diversification. The reason is that media, technology and telecommunications enterprises now view it as an imperative to own the user experience. What’s more, technology and telecom players are keenly aware that content has the potential to be a high-engagement, high-frequency, high-usage application that keeps users across all demographics and devices engaged and enables the provider to build relationships with them.

On the consumer side, more than half of all American adults are consuming over the top (OTT) content like movies, services like Netlfix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and now Apple, either to supplement or completely replace legacy cable and broadcast. As the streaming wars heat up and the mound of cut cable cords continues to grow, a lot of people are asking “how many streaming services are we going to need to get the content we want?” And, more generally, how many services will the market bear?

This panel will discuss the subscription fatigue we are facing and what how will it be consolidated? We’ll discuss how innovation changed the market through 5G and what is next thing expected drive it forward. 

11:15 AM // Making Magic in Media and Entertainment with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is increasingly serving as an engine that drives richer, more realistic experiences in media and entertainment — from video games to movies and more.

From companies that are training machine learning algorithms to help develop film trailers and design advertisements. Entertainment providers are using machine learning to recommend personalized content based on data from user activity and behavior and All through search optimization: Media content producers are using AI software to improve the speed and efficiency of the media production process and the ability to organize visual assets.

12 PM // The future of voice recognition is… everywhere.

Voice technology is the future, if not the present. The world’s top companies are doing everything they can to meet the demand for voice applications, thus conversational designers and developers of the technology are needed now more than ever. Virtual personal assistants. Voice search and speech recognition technology. Voice-enabled mobile, smart speaker and smart home applications. Users want a voice-command option for every device. And sooner than many realize, we’ll be using voice assistants more than text-based digital assistants to handle most of our daily tasks. With conversational AI, our searching power on smart devices will evolve. So how did we get here?

12:45 PM// How MR, AR and VR Will Shape the Future of Work and Play

Virtual reality isn’t just for gaming – it’s a technology that can make a real difference to our collective futures. 

MR is not just hype. It has been proving its mettle by extracting the best of both virtual giants — Virtual reality and Augmented reality. The varied kinds of applications that are working around MR are simply amazing and offer us an exceptional experience. Imagination and invention know no boundaries and that is what Mixed Reality technology has proven. This is a beginning to a technologically dominated future. 

From Holographic projections and an interactive virtual display will garner increased focus, MR (Mixed Reality) offers cost-effective processing power facilities and vision/image recognition competencies.  

Big data and cloud computing play a significant role in advanced MR technologies as Mixed Reality changes the communication between human and computer and take it to a new level altogether. VR/AR and MR (Mixed Reality) is expected to become one of the sought-after global industry in the coming 5–7 years, dominating almost all industry domains apart from gaming
Camera-based smartphones, mobile devices, and smart eyeglasses will substitute headsets.

1:30 PM – Tech.Talent.Talk.Target over lunch

Round table discussions over launch with representatives from the top music and media labels in the world. Looking to meet new talent from musicians, performers, producers, labels, entrepreneurs, tech startups and more.

Come break bread and share your views with Reps from Warner, Sony, Spotify, Universal and more. >>>> Click here to Register

2:15 PM – Rewriting the Script For Entertainment Investment

Not surprisingly, the competition for streaming dollars has been growing exponentially. One of the biggest recent stories was Disney’s announcement that it is severing its distribution deal with Netflix in favor of launching its own streaming service in 2019. And now it is officially confirmed that Disney is buying some of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets, including the Fox movie and television studio and a share of Hulu, which will allow Disney to increase its television production to provide exclusive content on its forthcoming streaming offering.

Representatives from the top VCs and Angel Investor will discuss the new opportunities in the space and how content driven technology has altered the valuation process.

3:00 PM – THE NEW INVESTMENT SPHERE – Artists, Startups and Labels securing funding through Innovation 

From Crowdfunding, Blockchain to Equity Based Trading – This segment will present new opportunities for artists, production companies and labels raise money and secure investments.

Hosted by Dr. Dan Marom, Author of CROWDFUNDINGThe Corporate Era.

Participants: Agada Nameri – iCapitalYaniv Aronowich – Tadmor – LevySari Jaber – Upmena, Yossi Meiri – Headstart

3:30 Media Most Innovative Startups

Curating the most innovative Tech Startups in the Media space, TechnoArt will present the ones that has the highest potential for growth in 2019.

Coming out of Israel, These pre-selected ventures will have the opportunity to pitch their product to the top media companies and investors in the world looking to get the endorsement of at least 3 Board members for the chance to win a trip to NYC and LA, Meetings with the top executives in the Media space and more.