8:30 – 9:30 AM –  Morning Coffee & Early Birds’ Networking

9:30 – 10:00 AM – Conference Kick-Off by our Honored Guests

Mr. Eli Cohen– Minister of Economy

Mr. Ron Huldai – Mayor of Tel Aviv

10:30 AM //Aiming at Business – The M&E industry reshaped

The borders that separated technology, distribution and content have disappeared.

Recent mergers and acquisitions, growing trends in technology and increased competition is driving the industry giants to spend more and more on content while looking for the new evolution that will make the difference.

As technology disrupted the way people consume content, the largest media players aim to reach the consumers by forming a deeper connection through valuable insights into their lives, thoughts and intentions.

The panel will address recent movement in the industry, growing trends and its effects on consumer retention, regulation and growth strategy.

11:15 AM //Artificial Intelligence – Driving richer experiences

Artificial Intelligence has redefined the M&E industry through personalization, targeted advertising, and content production. Anyone with abundant media assets can easily churn out more revenue or cut costs, while simplifying operations.

Advance frameworks that simulate perception and emotion drive predictive algorithms that shape everything: from deciding which content to produce, how to best market it, all through how to drive engagement and royalties.

Voice and facial recognition application integrated in advanced robotics are also transforming the way we interact in the virtual world, creating a richer experience tailored to our needs and enhancing our digital journey.

This panel will address the new ways A.I. can drive the industry forward, from data analysis, content synthesis and novel applications. We’ll discuss how the future of M&E might look like as technology is working to simulate “real life”, while touching on some of the regulatory and even moral dilemmas we are forced to address.

12:15 PM// Your Ad will start in 3..2..1 – Forming a deeper connection 

VOD, live streaming, audio streaming and podcasts are all transforming the audience experience with digital media; Providing access to valuable insights that optimize advertisers’ ability to target their consumers.

This panel will discuss the new marketing methods available to brands and advertisers through the new entertainment mediums and best practices.

How to build the right strategy and form a deeper connection with consumers across their digital journey.

1 PM// Lunch

Starting 1:30 PM\\Up-close and Personal

Round table discussions over lunch with representatives from the top media and entertainment companies in the world. Looking to find new investment opportunities and form collaborations.  >>>> Click here to Register

2 PM \\ Rewriting the Script For Entertainment Investment

The industry is heavily investing in content producing startups. Latest M&A trends suggest that creativity, talent and engaging content has become strong drivers in the VC community.

Moreover, more and more investors are now focused on talents first and foremost, starting with the funds that make direct investments in people.

This panel will address recent exits in the industry, the core technology behind content platforms and what the determining factor in a startup’s ability to raise and its execution strategy in the evolving space.

2:45 PM\\ The Leading M&E Tech Accelerators take the stage

Join the leading accelerators in for M&E technology as they share their vision, strategy and values.

Learn how to gain access to capital, industry leaders and technology frameworks that will help drive your startup to the next stage.

3:30 PM\\ Media Most Innovative Startups

Curating the most innovative Tech Startups in the Media space, TechnoArt will present the ones that has the highest potential for growth in 2019.

Coming out of Israel, These pre-selected ventures will have the opportunity to pitch their product to the top media companies and investors in the world looking to get the endorsement of at least 3 Board members for the chance to win a trip to NYC and LA, meetings with the top executives in the M&E space and more.