On November 10th, 2019 the worlds of art, culture, media, entertainment, telecom and technology come together to discuss innovation, disruption, collaboration, competition, convergence and differentiation.

As the thick borders that once separated the entertainment, media (E&M), technology and telecommunications industries  are dissolving. Technology and distribution companies are moving into content, The distinctions between print and digital, video games and sports, pay-TV and over-the top (OTT), social and traditional media is blurring; As the global industry continues to grow at a historical rate.

TechnoArt LIVE the leading innovation conference for the Media and Entertainment industry brings together the leading industry experts, renowned creators and largest investors in the space to discuss the industry evolution.

Enjoy artistic performances, fireside chats and lively discussion at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

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TechnoArt LIVE 2019
Join thousands of the most powerful people transforming the digital landscape come together to explore the opportunities opening up in the media, entertainment and art industries through innovation and share their insight for future.  Contact us to reserve your ticket today. Tickets start at $129

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