Startup Competition

TechnoArt.LIVE invites you to participate in [email protected] Selina startup competition.

Join us on December 8th-9th to compete for the opportunity to join the ‘[email protected]’ program.

Participating startups will have the opportunity to work and live and the Selina’s around the world and enjoy access  to our network of investors and industry leaders to support their growth (up to 50K in value). The pitching companies will have 5 min to present to a live audience  their company pitch and manage a 5 min Q&A session.

The pitch will include a product demonstrations, the teams will present their vision for the industry and the creative new way in which their product will work to improve or change it.

The final competition will feature 10 companies, Selected by the screening committee.

Startups offering solutions that relate to the following sectors may apply:

ESG: Social & Environmental Impact, Cyber Security and Governance.

WorkForce: Solutions for the new local and remote work force

Living reimagined: PropTech, Financing, design and management solutions

Media & Entertainment: Solutions for the Music, Video and Creator space through NFT, Blockchain, Streaming, payment and more

Web3: Metaverse, Gaming, Commerce and Cryptocurrency

HeathTech & Biohacking: Tools, services and Products

Lifestyle: Foodtech, Travel Tech and Wellness



Startup Competition