Claude Brightman

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Claude was born in Paris to parents who had experienced the terrible horrors of the Holocaust that took place in Europe. Her Holocaust survivor parents tried to hide from her their Jewish identity, but when she grew a bit older, they told her of her Jewish identity.
From the moment her parents opened the window to their world, Claude was exposed to her heritage and roots, showed great interest and began intensive studies to gain knowledge of the Jewish world. Her parents were an example for their love to the people of Israel, the State of Israel and Israeli heritage.
Claude acquired her education at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, and took part in the world famous student rebellion, in 1968, a revolt which left its mark in France and all of Europe. From there she steered her energy and creativity towards activity for the good of the Jewish community in France.
From the beginning of her path as an architect at the Grundman architects office in Israel, she participated in the largest and most important exhibitions in the world and in Israel, including the International Paris Air Show in France, the Jerusalem 3000 exhibition and left her mark on the designing craftsmanship in Israel.
Her works have left their mark on the world of art in Israel and world-wide. The statue in memory of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin (blessed be his memory), the she designed at the site of his assassination – became a site of pilgrimage. In her unique way, she expressed the grief of the whole nation for the terrible murder and the incomparable crisis. Among her explanations she said: “I wanted to say that here , in this place, our land will burn forever, I wanted to say that here, in this place, the light will glow forever … this embrace is a supreme effort by the unity of my people to ensure that this tragedy will remain an isolated and solitary tragedy in our history. I wanted this place to interrupt routine, forgetfulness and everyday ease. “
Among other duties, Mrs. Brightman has been appointed by the Minister of Education and Culture to handle the subject of museums in Israel, and in this field as well has left a deep and impressive personal mark.