TechnoArt LIVE X SELINA 2022

TechnoArt and Selina welcomes its community of startups, entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders to TechnoArt.LIVE X SELINA to experience a new way of creation, a synergistic ‘coming of the minds’ that drives social and economic change through connection, empowerment, and pleasure.


9 AM Breakfast and Networking


10:30 AM Opening Notes: Rafi Museri – Selina CEO

Leadership that liberates brilliance and harnesses that brilliance to drive change and transformation, and to build restorative environmental practices.


10:45 AM Investing in a Healthy Ecosystem

Investing in innovation is no longer just about making money for the shareholders. With over 17 Trillion dollars in assets under management, more and more investors want their money to fund companies that are committed to a better world as they are to their bottom line.

Learn from leading innovative companies, fund managers and institutions about opportunities in the market and what their vision is for the future.

Moderator: Anthony Millin – Founder and Chair of  Next.Law

ParticipantsGonzalo Waldman – Synergy Capital, Roy Geva Glasberg – Founder and Managing Partner at AnD Ventures, Steven Ohayon – Head of Business Development Selina, Fernando Eraña – M&A, Venture Capital and Banking & Finance Partner at Pérez Correa González and Associates


11:30 PM TechnoArt@ Selina program presentation + Grown platform and registration


11:45 PM Bring Humanity to Work Day

From an environment that conditioned us to leave emotions at the door when we come into work, to a new working habitat that acknowledges that human talent is the strongest driving force in companies’ success and encourages us to explore our creativity, show vulnerability and use our collaborative, communicative skills to mentor and coach are colleges.  

Moderated by: Sam khazary Senior Vice President, Global Head of Corporate Development

Participants: Geronimo Maspero – Co-Founder and CTO Humand, Rahul Kulkarni – CEO and Founder Sukhi project, Diana Gaviria – TechnoArt Colombia (Connect Bogota), Desiree D. Young – EVP Global Partnerships and Strategic Innovation, ThriveDX


12:30 PM Lunch


2 PM Living Reimagined

Our usual way of being has changed – irreversibly and forever, maybe for the better. A search for different answers has begun and a new kind of normal has quickly taken shape.

Our liability could become our opportunity. As we know, necessity is the mother of invention.

The time has come to re-imagine our collective future where our changed behaviors will allow us to live more in balance with nature than before.

Moderated by Selina

Participants: Robin Arnott – Entheo Digital, Silvina Moschini – Caribbean Treasure, David Grossman –, Lili Domit – CECO


3:15 PM  Marketing Re-Shaped

More and more, consumers are involved in a customer experience that integrates social media and in-person interactions, product and experience, brick-and-mortar shops along with a quality digital experience.

Find out about these trends and how they’re shaping creativity in the marketing field.

Moderated by: David Abecassis – Accenture Analytics

 Vinesight, Novacy, LeverCard, onebeat, Unleashstormbreaker


4 PM DJ & Cocktails


5:30 PM TechnoArt @ Selina Investor Event Powered by ThriveDX

Shani Peled, Tristan Jehan and Sam Kahazary Presenting TechnoArt BI

Dan Vigdor – Co-CEO, ThriveDX

Startup Presentation – Part I

Q-ueue, Upword, Gliberapp, Sabroso, Phero, Metroblox, Connected Insurance, Beecuick, Panasea, CECO, Vinesight, Novacy, LeverCard, onebeat, Unleashstormbreaker, Humand, Sukhi,


7:30 Dinner & Party (Artists Performance)


December 9th


9 AM Breakfast and Networking


10 AM Sims Presentation


10:30 AM  Post Streaming

Moderated by: Tristan Jehan, TechnoArt Co-founder and CTO

Participants: Mikhael Porter, CEO and Co-Founder Needle Music, Hank Fortener – Roc Nation


11:15 AM  Drop It Like It’s Hot

NFTs:   Technology through Revenue Generation
Quickly becoming a ubiquitous technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the future of digital asset ownership.   We have assembled three experts in the Miami technology ecosystem to explain the technology, product development, and revenue generation successes in a cohesive narrative for experts and novices alike to understand and ask questions about how to apply NFTs to your business.
Moderated By:  Marc Billings:  CEO/ Founder of Blackdove Digital Art
Technology Panelist: Auston Bunsen, Co-Founder Quicknode
Blockchain Consultant:  Gianni D’Alerta, Founder NFT Miami
NFT Community Builder:  Chris Adamo, Founder Flamingo Capital


12 PM Lunch


1 PM Biohacking and Psychedelic Therapy To Brain Fitness Devices

How do the latest advances in health tech help us treat our community and gain better results? 

Learn about the spiritual, physical, and mental connection between the different innovative methods that penetrate our mainstream therapeutic methods and how these can help our community heal.

Moderated by: Demian Bellumio – Nue.Life 

Participants: Alex Wolfe – CEO Circadian Wellness, Connor J. Haslam – CEO Microdose, Julie Zukof – Psychedelic Women


1:45 PM Startup Presentation – Part II

Majr, Microdose, Artmate, Twigo, Needle Music, Circadian Wellness


2:30 PM Mindfulness Session – Powered by The Sukhi Project

Dj and Cocktails


4:30 pm Closing notes