TechnoArt LIVE XSELINA 2022

TechnoArt and Selina welcome the community of startups, entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders to experience a new way of creation, a synergistic ‘coming of the minds’ that drives social and economic change through connection, empowerment, and pleasure

Thursday , December 8th 

10:30 AM Welcome to TechnoArt LIVE

Opening remarks 

The events of the past two years have shifted the concentration of tech startups, investors and the overall tech ecosystem, resulting in incredible growth for innovation in Miami. We welcome the Mayor of Miami to share his vision for the future of tech in Miami.

10:30 AM Surprise keynote 

11:15 AM Investing in a healthy ecosystem 

Investing in innovation is no longer just about making money for the shareholders. With over 17 Trillion dollars in assets under management, more and more investors want their money to fund companies that are committed to a better world as they are to their bottom line.

Learn from leading innovative companies, fund managers and institutions about the opportunities in the market and what’s their vision for the future.

12 PM Startup competition

1 PM Break for lunch & Networking

2 PM Bring humanity to work day

From an environment that conditioned us to leave emotions at the door when we come into work. To a new working habitat that acknowledges that human talent is the strangest driving force in companies’ success and encourages us to explore our creativity, show vulnerability and use our collaborative, communicative skills to mentor and coach are colleges. 

Learn about the importance of a collaborative work environment and maintaining a ‘happy’ environment of equality and inclusivity for the people that help your company grow and succeed.

3 PM Startup competition 

4 PM Popup performance Powered by Selina

4:30 PM Startup competition 

5 PM Living Reimagined

The events of recent years and technological advancements have allowed us to dream of a home that it’s more inline with who we are as people, whether we value living closer to nature or sharing our home with people who share our values. New and exciting habitats are allowing us to explore new ways of living as we cross the traditional borders of financing, designing and locating our future home.

Learn from experts about the new forms of design, finance and communal living as you explore innovative forms of life.

Artist performance  Powered by Selina

Friday , December 9th 

10:30 AM Surprise keynote 

11 AM Drop it like its hot

The music industry hasn’t always welcomed new technology, but the booming NFT marketplace — overall sales generated $25 billion last year — shows the promise of Web3, and everyone wants a piece of the action. Deep Dive explains how artists and executives can get in on it wisely and examines blockchain’s potential to reshape the industry.

11:45 Lessons in NFT drops from dance music’s pioneers, legal pitfalls to avoid when you’re minting the goods, all the crypto lingo you need to know and a guide to the top startups supporting musicians in the metaverse. (Surprise NFT drop)

12 PM Startup competition

1 PM Break for lunch & Networking

2 PM The SenseX – Sharing your essence through the senses. 

Web3 has opened the door to new innovative technologies that can affect our sensory system. Conveying what we want to feel by listening, touching and seeing what we need, in order to have what we want.

Hear from the experts about the visual lifestyle experience, from shopping, living, connecting and communicating in the metaverse and the technologies that enable these experiences. Through crypto currencies, blockchain and NFT

3:30 PM Startup competition 

4:30 PM Popup performance Powered by Selina

5 PM Biohacking and Psychedelic therapy to Brain Fitness devices 

How do the latest advances in health tech help us treat our community and gain better results? 

Learn about the spiritual – physical – mental connection between the different innovative methods that penetrated our mainstream therapeutic methods and how these can help our community heal.

5:45 PM Startup competition

6:30 PM  The New Lifestyle

Gen Zs, Millennials, GenXers – resourceful, independent, and keen on maintaining work-life balance. Holding a more liberal viewpoint on social issues, more ethnically and diverse.

Learn about the new tools available to support their new lifestyle, from spiritual guides to food and travel. And listen to experts share their view on how the consumer market changes based on the needs and wants of this exciting new generation?

7:15 PM  Startup Competition Winner Announcement

8 PM  Closing Notes