Technology’s pace of change ensures that composing, playing, and delivering content is changing as quickly as the beat on a dance track.  Are these major developments in tech going to change the way artists create content and the way their  audience consumes it?


For the artists –

  • How will revenue streams be affected?
  • Is there a way to promote your music and bypass the recommendation engine? What data is available to me that can help me make better decisions?
  • Can I use information the audience preferences to form creative partnerships with other artists?


For the Labels –

  • Can the additional revenue streams from tech driven channels such as streaming platforms, online performances,  AI driven devices, VR and holograms compensate for the loss of revenue from the physical record sales?
  • Are your decisions more data driven than before?
    • Signing new artists –
      • How much of the decisions making process is based on 3rd party data such as the most played track or the most trending artists?
      • Funding – Are you using any valuation methods to track the return on investment when signing a new artists?
  • Exits in the music world – Now that you can estimate expected revenue and growth more accurately,  are the labels considering cultivating artists for a shorter time and approaching other labels with the opportunity to sale?  Is the option factored in to the labels contracts?
  • Innovation – Giving the financial dependency in technological solutions, are labels considering developing innovation in house? Are more funds allocated towards purchasing and/or investing in technology companies that service the industry, or are looking to revolutionize it?

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November 18, 2018 - November 18, 2018

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10:00 - 10:44

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