Ronnie Braun

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Ronnie Braun serves as the Managing Director and Head of Creative Operations in the Helicon Group.

Braun serves as a Board Advisor of Giraffic Inc. Mr. Braun co-founded Helicon Group in 1985. In 1995, Mr. Braun co-founded Gravity, a cutting edge visual effects house, with studios in Tel-Aviv, New-York, and Toronto.

Braun was co-founder of Comverse Media a company founded with Comverse for the purpose of solving issues of content for internet, cellular handsets, ITV, etc., which was later absorbed into Comverse, being the basis for the VOICD division.

Braun started his career in the music industry with CBS Records, Israel and subsequently CBS International. He serves as a Member of Advisory Board of Covertix Ltd. He has BA in psychology and cinematography from the Tel-Aviv University.


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